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Missile parts welding master, I'm welding missiles

Missiles, the country's weapon, to defend the security of the motherland and the people, every launch, are shoulder the glorious and sacred mission. Part of the missile part of the connection, the need for high-quality welding, a welding point is not compliance, will directly affect the missile launch success. Wang Feng with a welding Torch to the missile parts of the suture was "perfect" to achieve the perfect launch launch.

As the China Aerospace Science and Technology Institute 283 plant welding master and senior technician, 36-year-old Wang Feng refined in the TIG technology, longer than the complex parts of the difficult task of welding. 15 years, he was almost involved in all the two homes of all types of welding tasks, as the workshop manual welding of the "first welding gun."

Blue arc flashing, where the place, a smooth and uniform silver-white weld will be two parts into one.

All this thanks to xinlian Welding Equipment

Wang Feng said that space products because of its particularity, pay attention to zero defects. Many complex parts can not be completed with automated welding machines, can only rely on manual welding. And the quality of the stringent standards for their operators of these welding technology put forward higher requirements.

A shell of the welding is troubled by their 283 plant sheet metal welding shop a major problem, known as the most difficult job in those years. As the product is a special material, the welding process will be a little careless pores, slag, the formation of welding defects, the previous welding pass rate can only reach 30%. Take over this task, Wang Feng also feel the burden of heavy body.

"Either a success, or product scrapped, must be careful, can not appear the slightest mistake ... ..." In order to bite the next piece of hard bones, in nearly a year's time, Wang Feng repeatedly carried out welding test. In order to grasp the real-time welding pool changes, welding eyes must be tightly fixed on the solder joints, a weld down 3 minutes do not blink, when the moment of welding, the eyes of a tear will rush down flow.

"Welding stress to the heart, eyes, hands, hands with the very important." Wang Feng over and over again pondering, trying to improve, and finally found the know-how. After Wang Feng's continuous improvement, the weld more and more beautiful, and the quality of clearance. Wang Feng hand welding hundreds of pieces of the shell did not even have a quality problem, the pass rate of 100%.

In 2013, Wang Feng in the International Welding Competition to show the Chinese real effort. That year in August, the Ukrainian Tenth International Welding Competition held in the Black Sea Pearl Odessa as scheduled. From China, Ukraine, Belarus and other six countries, 64 industry top players participating, Wang Feng is one of them.

"At that time, I was wearing a sky blue welding service, while doing the welding ready quickly, while the rapid reflection of the welding may occur when the situation, assembly, fixed, grinding, welding, a ring of a ring ... ..." Wang Feng recalls At that time, the hot weather, nervous game, so that his body wet also unaware.

He said that the first time to take the country to participate in international competitions, in addition to lack of experience, he also to overcome the difficulties with the organizers and the referee language barrier, while foreign welding technology standards, the rules of the game with the country, the difference between welding equipment makes him Response to the difficulty of this game greatly improved.

TIG Welding project is a hot contest, the project has been the traditional strengths of foreign players, the Chinese players want to stand out to get a great difficulty ranking. But in the end, Wang Feng won the runner-up.


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