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Welding accessories Welding Equipment Welding Gun Accessories

     Jiangyin Xinlian Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1980s, is the production of CO2 gas protection welding Torch, welding machine, wire feeder and other welding equipment and accessories of specialized enterprises. I plant strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment, detection means perfect. The factory production of welding equipment, has been domestic and foreign cars, ships, containers, steel structure, machinery manufacturing and other industries widely used, much user trust and praise.

Xinlian has a united and progressive team, Zhiyuan people meticulous, excellence, adhere to the "credibility of the quality of legislation to innovation and development" approach to user satisfaction with 100 percent for their own goals.
We sincerely hope that with the new and old customers at home and abroad and peers work together for the development of China's welding industry create brilliant!
    The company is specialized in producing CO2, TIG gas protection welding machine, Welding Torch and spare parts manufacturers.
The company's production of water-cooled welding torch has reached the international standard, the price is only 30% of foreign countries, welcome customers at home and abroad calls contact.
The company has always attached importance to the quality and credibility of coexistence, with a high product design, development and production level, advanced technology and equipment, product rigorous, perfect production, and application of new technologies, new technology, new materials, and continuously improve product performance, product quality.
My company in 2002 by the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, in 2003 passed the CCC certification.
main products:
1. Water-cooled torch, AUT welding torch, automatic MIG / MAG, gas protection gun;
2. With the domestic welding machine factory supporting the series of welding torch and accessories;
3. Welding torch are: Panasonic, Osaka, Denmark, Bintier, according to Sa, Miller, Lincoln and other models;
4. Welding machines are: 200, 350, 500 and supporting the production of various wire feeding institutions;
5. All kinds of welding tongs and welding torch conversion joints;
6. Ground clamp 200A, 300A, 400A, 500;
7. Various quick connectors;
8. Robot Plasma cutting torch;
9. Anti-splash and anti-splash;
10. TIG Welding torches and tungsten rods;
11. Wire feed mechanism, Plasma cutting gun;
12. Spot welding electrodes (automotive special electrodes), robot electrodes and so on.
Buy welding accessories | welding gun accessories preferred Jiangyin Xinlian Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. Website: http: //www.xlweld.com
And on behalf of new and old customers design, development and production of profiled products, OEM.

Xinlian employees are always:

I have no people, people have my fine, the same table, the customer first!


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